3rd Grade Science

Miss Figgerbottom's Forecasting Lesson Use cloud formations, wind and your senses to predict the weather.

4th Grade Enrichment - Inventions

Inventors and Inventions Use the links on this site to discover about many different inventors and their inventions!

All About Inventors This site offers biographies of many inventors.

American History Inventors and Inventions Biographies of inventors as well as links to sites about inventions can be found on this site.

United States Patent and Trademark Office How does an inventor get a patent or trademark for an invention? Find out here!

4th Grade Enrichment - Hudson River Unit of Study

Riverkeeper Official site of New York State water conservation group

Department of Environmental Protection This New York State site offers ideas on how to take care of our resources and wildlife.

Historic Hudson River Towns Take a look at the attraction towns on the Hudson River have to offer.

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater Pete Seeger's environmental boat sails on the Hudson, training people about conserving the Hudson and the land around it.

Henry Hudson Find out about the explorer after whom the Hudson was named.

5th Grade Enrichment

Altapedia Click on the first letter of your country, then learn all the facts about it.

FactMonster World Learn about just about everything about our world here.

World Almanac for Kids Travel to just about any country in the world and find out all about them.

Zoom School Geography Find out about many countries - history, wildlife, arts, famous people and more!

5th Grade Enrichment 


Plastic Bags vs Paper

Save the Plastic Bag Are plastic bags bad for the environment? Find out why this site says no.

Phones During Dinner

Texting at the Dinner Table Is it polite to text your friends while at a meal with your family? Read what etiquette author Emily Post thinks about it!

School Uniforms

School Uniform Advantages What are some good and bad points about everyone wearing uniforms to school?

Benefits of Wearing School Uniforms How can wearing uniforms actually be a good thing?

Governmental Systems

Congress for Kids: Citizenship What does it take to be a citizen? This site from Congress for Kids tells how to be a responsible citizen in a community.


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