Follett Enlight K-12 Edition app

To read eBooks on a phone or tablet with the "Destiny Discover" App:

1. First, download the free app:

  For Apple iPhones, iPod Touches, or iPads, click here.

  For Android devices, version 2.3 or newer, click here.

2. Launch app, then select "New York" from Location menu, and enter "Coman Hill" into the "Schools" box, select it from list.  

3. Check the box that says "Remember me on this device," then tap "Log in"

4. Enter your school network username (NOT your Google ID) & password, (bobcat123) and click “submit.”

5. Tap "Ebooks" search.

6. Tap "Open" to begin reading, or "Checkout." To download book for reading off-line, click the down arrow (in cloud) icon. If Text to Speech is available, you'll see a "play" triangle icon next to the page number, tap to activate or adjust rate and voice by tapping on the open book icon. Tap on the Aa icon to adjust font size.

7. All checkouts (digital and print) are visible from the "Bookbag".


To read eBooks on a computer/other mobile device (Kindle Fire, Nook HD) use FollettShelf:

1. From the Web, go to Coman Hill Library's FollettShelf--our catalog of downloadable eBooks--at:

2. Click "Login" and enter the username & password that you use at school

3. Browse or Search for eBooks

4. Click on an eBook cover to read it online

5. To check out the eBook--which will then be accessible from the "bookbag" icon--click on the "i" on the lower right side of the book cover, then click the "checkout" button

Contact the Coman Hill Library Media Specialist with any questions or comments 

Byram Hills Central School District | 10 Tripp Lane, Armonk, NY 10504 | (914) 273-4082