College Transcript and Report Card Policy

The school counseling staff will send official transcripts to colleges and universities on the request of seniors and with the permission of their parent(s).  The staff will also send two official “final” transcripts after graduation.  Students do not have to submit a request and parents and counselors do not have to grant permission for the sending of “final” transcripts because it is a condition for college matriculation once a student submits an enrollment deposit.

If a senior would like her/his first, second (mid-year), and/or third marking period report cards sent to colleges and universities, they must submit a request form which requires the permission of their parent(s).  Teacher comments and mid-term and final examination grades will not be included on reports cards that are sent to colleges and universities.


Please use the attached forms for the College Application process. Information can be entered directly on the forms and then printed out or emailed to the appropriate guidance counselor.


Student Profile for College Application

Authorization to Release Records

Parent's Statement Form

Report Card Request Form



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