Gradebook Frequently Asked Questions

Gradebook Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How often can we expect the grades to be updated?

            Answer: Teachers need time to grade projects, assignments, and tests.  Please be patient because there are many factors that determine how soon a teacher can assess and return assignments. 

Question: What steps should I take if I have a question/concern about an assessment on the Gradebook?

            Answer: Parents should communicate assessment concerns to their respective students, then advise students to discuss a particular question/concern directly with the teacher. Parents should go through this process prior to calling the teacher directly and/or communicating with the department chair/administrator.

Question: Why aren’t grades posted frequently?  How long do teachers have to post grades?

            Answer: Teachers will post grades/assessments once ample time is allocated to grade the assessment and the grade has been communicated to the student. The primary job of any teacher is to create lessons, deliver content, facilitate learning, assess learning, and communicate feedback with students to promote learning.  Given the complexities of a teacher’s job, he/she may not update the Gradebook consistently or as frequently as one would hope. 

Question: Are there any other ways that a student receives feedback outside of the Gradebook?

            Answer: Feedback is given to students in multiple ways and parents who want to know how their son or daughter is doing should always ask their son or daughter first. Comments on papers, homework, in class assignments, projects, as well as individual meetings are other ways to provide feedback that cannot be quantified by teachers in the Gradebook. 

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