Superintendent's Message

It is a great pleasure for me to address you as the superintendent of the Byram Hills School District and to assure you that we remain committed to providing the highest quality educational experience for all of our students and to being a source of pride and value to our community. I am particularly proud that my commitment to Byram Hills is long and deep, dating back to 1990 when I joined the District as Director of Guidance. My subsequent service as High School Principal for 11 years and Assistant/Deputy Superintendent since 2008 has given me a very good sense of our District's strengths and needs. I think this knowledge and experience will serve the district well as these are uncertain times for all of us, public institutions being no exception. There is much we can do to make sure that our instructional, athletic and extra-curricular programs provide the best advantages for our students in a responsible and fiscally prudent manner. I plan to stay in touch with you through a variety of media and invite you to check the web-page and BobcatTV links frequently for news and updates. (Why not click this BobcatTV link and bookmark it?) I know that you and all of our constituents live busy lives, and I promise to provide succinct and efficient messages that can be integrated in your hectic day!

I know that I speak for our very dedicated faculty and Board of Education when I say that we want you to be well served in every way, and we hope you will find ways to participate in our efforts and discussions. Your support and participation promote excellence and make Byram Hills "A Great Place to Learn."

Bill Donohue
Dr. William Donohue
Superintendent of Schools


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