Byram Hills English Department

Portfolio Application Process

Grade 11 AP: Language and Composition


English 11 AP: Language & Composition combines elements of a freshman college composition course and a more traditional study of American literature. Throughout the year, we will investigate various modes of writing: narration, description, contrast/comparison, division/analysis, process analysis, etc. In addition, we will look at literature through the lens of the individual’s relationship to the society in which he or she lives. As a student, you should expect a much higher quantity of writing assignments and a fast-paced—albeit thorough—study of literature. In addition, you will be expected to work toward improvement in both written response and reading comprehension. Active participation in this class is essential for success!


Each student will be recommended for admission to English 11 AP: Language and Composition, based upon the following:


  • Quarterly grades from English 9 and English 10.



A portfolio that contains the following submissions:


  • A photocopy of a graded expository essay, with teacher comments. Please do not submit the original copy as we will not be returning the portfolios to you.
  • A piece of in-class writing (e.g., quiz, paragraph, or test that shows both independent thinking and writing) that demonstrates your ability to interpret literature.
  • A personal essay (e.g., an entry from an electronic journal) that shows your voice as a writer.
  • A one-page letter that details why you wish to be considered for English 11 AP: Language and Composition. This can include an explanation of the reading that you do on your own, favorite books, the types of writing you most enjoy, or your greatest success with writing or literature. This may also include a description of your contributions in English class.


  • We also ask that students interested in English AP 11: Language and Composition make an appointment to speak with their current English teacher about course placement. Our goal is to help students determine whether the AP classroom is the proper placement. Your current teacher has the best understanding of your skills and can help you assess your readiness for the AP classroom.



Students interested in applying for English 11 AP must submit a portfolio by

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 to Mr. Smith’s office (Room 116).

Byram Hills Central School District | 10 Tripp Lane, Armonk, NY 10504 | (914) 273-4082