Assessment Reports

What makes Byram Hills a great place to learn? One aspect of great organizations is sustained excellent results. According to Jim Collins (2001) in his book Good to Great, he states, “A great organization is one that delivers superior performance and makes a distinctive impact over a long period of time.” The assessment reports below, presented to the Board of Education each year, demonstrate one aspect of Byram Hills to show our journey toward excellence.


Each report tracks our New York State assessment data over time. Also, the student work samples, called exemplars, provide additional data to demonstrate excellence. These are “snapshots” of the high quality work produced by Byram Hills students. We believe that over time the story of excellence emerges.


Byram Hills Ranks in the Top Five on Seven State Test in 2012


Each year Byram Hills students participate in the NYS Testing Program in mathematics and English Language Arts in grades 3 through 8. The tests are one way to measure our success, and on the 2012 tests, Byram Hills ranked within the top five districts in the state on seven of the tests. Please see the attached document showing these excellent results. State-Wide Rankings for Byram Hills.


NYS Aspirational Performance Measures (APM)

Byram Hills High School among the top 5 high schools in the state in 2011.

New York State Education Department has a new measurement that they are tracking in order to help school districts assess student college readiness. The new measurement is based on the percentage of students who graduated on time and scored at least 80 in Regents math and 75 on Regents English.

Byram Hills High School was among the top five schools in New York State in 2011 in this measurement with a top score of 91%. This measurement is consistent with the analysis that the district has been completing for several years in order to continuously improve the K-12 reading, writing and math programs. Byram Hills graduates have consistently reported on surveys a strong readiness for college level work.

Assessment Reports


NYS Report Cards can be accessed on the NYS website at:


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