Dear Parent of a Ninth Grader:


          As the new school year begins, the Social Studies Department would like to inform you of an opportunity for your child in the ninth grade Global History classes.  The program will provide students with options for working at two different achievement levels within the Regents classroom.  All students will complete the Regents curriculum.  However, those with the desire and ability to work at a higher level will have options to select certain assignments at the Advanced Placement (A.P) level.


          The A.P. Level is exceptionally challenging, well beyond our usual advanced or honors classes.  A.P. students read from college texts and complete assignments that require very advanced skills.  At the ninth grade level, we expect that few students want or need to do such work.  Therefore, we have designed the program as completely optional.  Additionally, those who begin the program and do not want to continue, may opt out at any time; the grading system will not be punitive for those who try and are unsuccessful; and no one will be required to do double assignments.  At the end of the program, we will use the students’ work to help us select a group that might be ready for a full Advanced Placement History class in tenth grade.


          Details about the program as well as the advanced placement selection standards for social studies are also located on this site, as a PDF file.  If you have any questions, please contact the department chairperson at the high school, ext. 4518.

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