The BHHS Social Studies AP Tiered Process

As the year begins, students may wish to consider taking an Advanced Placement course in social studies.  This would allow them to further develop their critical thinking, research and writing skills, and prepare themselves for future academic aspirations.  With that in mind, and with the goal of providing an authentic means to gain placement in the Advanced Placement course the following year, the social studies department has designed a differentiated program for their Regents classes.   


The program will provide students with options for working at two different achievement levels within the Regents classroom.  All students will complete the Regents curriculum.  Those with the desire and ability to work at a higher level will have options to select certain assignments at the Advanced Placement (AP) level.


It is essential that students and parents realize that this program is the only avenue for a Regents level student to apply for Advanced Placement the following year.  There will not be an appeals process in February and students who do not participate in this program will NOT be able to apply for AP .  Throughout the year, as students complete the AP level assignments, the students and their teachers will have a more comprehensive assessment of their abilities. As a result, this will allow students and teachers to make an informed and realistic decision about placement for the following year.  Equally important, it also provides enrichment opportunities for any student who wishes to be challenged academically beyond the Regents level assignments.


The Byram Hills Social Studies Department is excited to provide a program that provides enrichment opportunities for all learners while creating an AP selection process that provides an authentic, continuous assessment tool for parents, students and teachers.


Details about the program as well as the advanced placement selection standards for social studies can be found on additional eboard notes.  If you have any questions, please contact Kim Lapple at the high school, ext. 4518.

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