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The New York State Education Department (NYSED) outlines learning standards and performance indicators for each content area K – 12. In some disciplines, a more detailed “Core Curriculum” exists.


NYSED periodically reviews and updates the learning standards in a particular content area. For example, the mathematics learning standards in grades K – 12 were reorganized and revised in 2005. In January 2011, NYS adopted the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and mathematics. As a result of changes, teachers and administrators review and rewrite our local curriculum to be certain that our students meet the NYS standards.


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The Common Core Learning Standards (For Implementation in September 2012)


In January 2011 New York State adopted the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics. The new standards originated from the National Governors Association who sought to provide a uniform curriculum across the United States. Today, 44 states have adopted the Common Core Standards.


The Common Core Standards were written by teachers and experts across the country using a growing body of evidence, including scholarly research, assessment data of college and career readiness, and comparisons to standards in high performing states and nations.


New York State requires the implementation of the new standards in ELA and mathematics to begin in September 2012. In Byram Hills, we began to read and understanding the new standards last spring, with many administrators and teachers attending information sessions in the region. Over the summer, teams of teachers from each school building collaborated to compare our current curriculum with the new standards and identify areas in need of revision. This fall, we are continuing our work to write the new curriculum across the District.


The new standards will provide an increased level of rigor. However, a few key ideas drive the new standards. In ELA, students will be expected to read increasingly complex texts to prepare for the demands in college and the workforce. To aid in this goal, the standards require increased reading of non-fiction texts throughout the curriculum. More details on the ELA standards can be found here: Key PointsMajor Shifts.


In mathematics, focus and coherence drive the standards. First, the standards provide more depth each year to focus learning on essential skills, knowledge, and concepts. Second, the standards are written to provide coherence from one year to the next. The standards in math seek to balance skill development with conceptual knowledge as students solve problems in real life contexts. More details about the math standards can be found here: Key Points; Major Shifts.


The Common Core Standards provide Byram Hills with the opportunity to reflect upon and revise our curriculum as we continually seek ways to support our students, providing them “with the means, the knowledge, and the opportunity to excel in order to become productive and responsible citizens of the twenty-first century” (from the Byram Hills mission statement.)


More information on the Common Core Standards can be found at the following links:


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