World Languages Study Committee

The Byram Hills School District engaged in a two-year study of the World Languages program from 2008 to 2010. During 2010-2011, we will review the recommendations from the World Languages Study Committee under the leadership of Melissa Stahl, World Languages Chairperson. The essential equations that framed the study included:

  1. What are the purposes and goals of studying World Languages?
  2. What are best practices in the acquisition of World Languages?
  3. What are the reasons for choosing to offer particular World Languages in the curriculum?
  4. What are the effective assessments that can inform development of student mastery in the current foreign language program and what are the useful documents to articulate expectations?
  5. What are the curriculum and budgetary implications of potential changes to the current program?

The recommendations made to the Superintendent, Dr. Jackie Taylor, were:

  1. Explore a linguistics course for an elective course at the high school.
  2. Explore a non-romance language elective course at the high school.
  3. Expand upon the exploratory cycle in grade 6 to include linguistics.
  4. Continue to implement the current program based upon student interest and community commitment.

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Review the World Languages presentation to the Board of Education:
Board of Education Meeting
 - February 5, 2009

November 3, 2009: Presentation

Committee membership included:
Board of Education
 - Dr. Eve Rice
 - Ms. Wendy Gardner
 - Mr. Rick Kaplan

Byram Hills Administration
- Dr. Jackie Taylor
 - Dr. Bill Donohue
 - Dr. Tim Kaltenecker
 - Dr. H. Evan Powderly, Co-Chair
 - Ms. Melissa Stahl, Co-Chair
 - Ms. Barbara Topiol
 - Ms. Deirdra O’Connor

Byram Hills Teachers
 - Ms. Laura Jones
 - Ms. Melisa Zappavigna
 - Ms. Nancy Sarro
 - Ms. Chrystie Garr-Johnson

 - Dr. Leslie Cziner
 - Dr. Rebecca Molloy
 - Ms. Cindy Schmerler
 - Ms. Christine Meyer

 - Dr. Nina Garrett, Retired Director of Language Study, Yale University

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Dr. Tim Kaltenecker                                               Mrs. Melissa Stahl
Director of Curriculum
                                    Chairperson, World Languages Department

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