Academic Departments


Byram Hills School District proudly supports our students with an engaging, high-quality curriculum. Ongoing support for professional development of our teachers contributes to the success of our students. Teachers collaborate with their administrators to create a coherent, well-articulated curriculum and best instructional practices in the classroom.


To achieve this, the department chairperson/director provides ongoing support for the curriculum, instruction and assessment practices within each discipline, and works with the teachers on meeting ambitious learning goals for our students.


We encourage open dialogue between parents and teachers, and we ask you to contact your child’s teacher for specific questions. For general questions regarding a particular department, please feel free to review the departmental web page for information, or contact the chairperson or director of the department.


Byram Hills School District values open and respectful dialogue. Thanks for working together to make Byram Hills a great place to learn!


Dr. Tim Kaltenecker

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Byram Hills Central School District | 10 Tripp Lane, Armonk, NY 10504 | (914) 273-4082