The Parent Resource Guide for Mathematics at the Wampus School is intended for
parent use. The purpose is to involve parents as partners in their child’s mathematical
development. This guide is intended to help parents understand our approach to
mathematics, provide parents with the background information for each topic, and give
parents confidence as they work with their children at home.

It is important to note that this parent guide is a “work in progress.” That is, teachers
will constantly review and revise the content as needed. Since this is our first attempt at
providing such a resource, your feedback is needed. Please let us know what elements
of the resource guide are helpful to you. Also, let us know what does not work as well.
We seek continuous improvement.

This resource guide reflects the work of our teachers and respects our best thinking at
the time. Teachers thought carefully about the feedback received from parents to date;
and we acknowledge that there may be future needs. We are confident, however, that
this resource guide will help you as you work with your child at home.


All Wampus classroom teachers deserve recognition for contributing to the content of
this parent guide. Special thanks and recognition is owed to Anne Olivieri, Peggy
McInerney and Jennifer Toland. These teachers spent several weeks during the summer
and throughout the school year to develop, write and produce the Parent Resource
Guide to Mathematics. Their contribution was invaluable.

The content in this resource guide includes material adapted from our math program,
Growing with Math (Wright Group / McGraw-Hill). The topics listed for each grade
correspond to the topics in the Growing with Math program. We thank the publishers
for their kind permission to reproduce this material.

The material used in the Byram Hills School District includes the following classroom

Kindergarten – ISBN: 0-3220-8540-3
Grade 1 – ISBN: 0-3220-8551-9
Grade 2 – ISBN: 0-3220-6973-4
Grade 3 – ISBN: 1-4045-2001-5
Grade 4 – ISBN: 1-4045-2011-2
Grade 5 – ISBN: 1-4045-2559-9

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