Dear Parents:

Welcome to the Wampus Parent Resource Guide for Mathematics. I believe you will find this resource helpful as you support your child’s learning in mathematics at home.

Over the past year I have heard many parents ask for help in supporting their child in
mathematics. I am thankful for the supportive parents and appreciate their willingness to
support their child’s work at home. But I am often asked, “Math is so different now than
when I learned it; how do I help my child at home?” To answer this question, the
Wampus math specialists collaborated to create a detailed parent guide focused on
mathematics in grades three through five. I introduce to you the Wampus Parent
Resource Guide for Mathematics.

The Wampus Parent Resource Guide for Mathematics is designed to give you detailed
information for helping your child at home. You can learn the details about how
multiplication, for example, is taught in the classroom and what you can do at home to
support this. Also, you can read about what multiplication looks like in grade three
through grade five. This approach will let you become proficient in the instructional
strategies and the big ideas so you can better help your child understand the mathematics.
Also included in the Parent Resource Guide you will find general tips on helping your
child with homework, a glossary of terms, an overview of the tools used in the modern
math classroom, links to explore online, and recommended games and activities to use
with your child at home. Our goal is to help you become both a student and teacher of

I want to remind you to create a positive mathematical environment at home. First, never
tell your child you did poorly in math (even if that’s true!) Speak positively about math.
Second, create opportunities at home to engage in math in fun and stress-free ways.
Please refer to the Parent Resource Guide for suggestions. Finally, encourage your child
to talk about their observations related to math, problem-solving or strategies used in
games. Discussing their thinking deepens conceptual understanding, encourages
mathematical thinking and builds confidence. It also helps you understand your child’s
thinking about mathematics.

We are confident that the Parent Resource Guide will help you help your child in a way
that supports a conceptual approach to math learning. The math your child brings home
may look different than when you learned it in school. You can be confident, however,
that our program, Growing with Math, is a high quality, research-based program that
prepares students for mathematics in the elementary grades and beyond.
Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions or comments. I hope you
enjoy your learning of mathematics. And remember, math matters!

Tim Kaltenecker, District Director of Curriculum

Wampus Elementary School | 41 Wampus Avenue | Armonk, NY 10504 | (914) 273-4190