Byram Hills High School
Debate Team

Team Description:
Students work together to learn basic debating skills, researching and writing casework to compete in local, regional and national Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum debate tournaments. The team meets every Tuesday, with an additional day working on drills, to prepare for the weekend debate tournaments that run Saturdays, with many events beginning Fridays, and continuing into Saturday.

Lincoln-Douglas style debate which is a “values” debate, modeled on the structure of the famous debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas. The focus of the debate is on the competing values inherent in a proposition, or resolve. Debaters present and argue either the affirmative or negative case on the resolution, which rotates every two months. The tournaments are on select Saturdays between September and March. Interested students can join anytime throughout the year to learn how to formally debate, and participate in debate events.

The Public Forum debate is a team activity, where two debaters work together to argue a topic of national importance in terms that a common person would understand. Although research is important to every debate event, Public Forum is a less formal and less research intensive format. The written and impromptu speeches allow for a varied debate format.

Both Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas debaters write cases for both the pro and con position on a topic of national importance framed as a proposition or resolution, however the styles for each vary. Whereas Public Forum debate is a team activity, Lincoln Douglas debates one-on-one. Public Forum, modeled on the CNN Crossfire program, relies on evidence in argumentation. Lincoln Douglas, modeled on the structure of the famous debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, focuses on arguing a position from a distinct value position, relying on case technique and logical argumentation. Both events provide skill building in public speaking, research, and writing.

Meeting Times:
Tuesday - 3 - 6pm; Thursday - 3 - 6pm
Please confirm meeting times with Captains 

Contact Information:

Director of Debate:  Mr. Peter Cancro 
        Lincoln Douglas Coach: Mr. Sam Azbel
        Public Forum Coach: Mr. Devon Weiss

Debate Officer Application

2016-17 Schedule (check back for updates)

Team Captain: Will Amorosana
Treasurer: Alex Jacobs
Social Media Representative: Lindsey Perlman
Secretary: Danny Cigale

Lincoln-Douglas Division Captain(s): Jack Briody & Audrey Saltzman
Lincoln-Douglas Novice Captain(s): Jack Bilottii & Ron Packin
Lincoln-Douglas Mentor: Amina Chace

Public-Forum Division Captain(s): Kyle Unger & Sabrina You
Public-Forum Novice Captain: Alex Weis, Phil Maniscalco, and Devon Karoff



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