Harvard Model Congress


 The Harvard Model Congress provides students with the opportunity to become more informed and productive citizens of the 21st century.  At the Harvard Model Congress, students assume the roles of Senators, Congressman, and other vital roles within American government.   It is the goal of the Club to help students understand the importance of informed citizenry in a more nuanced way than the classroom alone can provide.  Through government role play and civic involvement, it is also the goal of the Club to promote lifelong individual growth and learning through group activity in a manner which is fun, instructive and engaging. 

Faculty Advisor: Matthew Allen

2015 Club President: Sarah Crucilla
2016 Club President: Ron Packin & Arjun Goyal

The 2016 Harvard Model Congress will meet once a month on Tuesday afternoons starting in October. The Model Congress is slated to leave for Boston during the February Break of 2017. The current club just concluded it's trip with great success.

Byram Hills High School | 12 Tripp Lane | Armonk, NY 10504 | (914) 273-9200