The Peer Tutoring Club’s goals are to set students who are struggling with their classes with older students who know the material. Teachers are given the list of those who are registered with the club to review their expertise. Then, when the recommendations come in, I randomly assign them a tutor.

Meeting dates and duration:

The Group Meets Once A Month for 15 Minutes or So. Most of the connections were made using the Google Drive. This is the sample set up between myself and the group. This email would goto the Tutor and the Tutoree. Also, the Presidents of the club Hayley Croke and Chandler Glat established a log for tutoring sessions to be chronicled on the Google Drive. Here is how we contacted the students:

Please contact  Presidents: Hayley Croke and Chandler Glat

Peer Tutoring application for Tutors

Peer Tutoring application for Students

Byram Hills High School | 12 Tripp Lane | Armonk, NY 10504 | (914) 273-9200