Club Description: The Oracle is our school's newspaper which is dedicated to helping students build skills in journalism and public expression, in addition to helping students establish a sense of community.  The Oracle releases several issues a year which pertain to various aspects of global politics, entertainment, and sports (both local and national), all while trying to focus on issues that concern students in Byram Hills and the community at large.  

Contact Information:

Advisor: Ms. Jana Peterson

Editor in Chiefs: Jessica Occhiogrosso
Editors: Hal Schwimmer, Eden Gordon, Lizzy Kingsley, Ella Taubenfeld, Amos Jeng

Upcoming Meetings/Events: Meeting times are posted sporadically and/or announced during the morning hours.

Byram Hills High School | 12 Tripp Lane | Armonk, NY 10504 | (914) 273-9200