Mock Trial

Club Description: The Mock Trial Club is an association that looks at debatable cases of law that have been settled in the Courts of America. Both sides of a case are presented through evidence, witness affidavits, evidence and case law. The students who participate break down the case and act as lawyers and witnesses representing the two sides of the case. Here, students learn how to debate and how to put forward a case for their particular side: prosecution or defense. The Club participates in two competitions during the year including a county-wide tournament in March. Here, twelve-fifteen members of the club are selected to put on the case at the Westchester County Courthouse in front of a real judge in a real courtroom. If you are interested in learning more about the law and want to participate in lively debate, mock trial is certainly the club for you.

Contact Information:

Advisor: Mr. Martin Gilbert

Senior Captain: Jessica Occhiogrosso
Junior Captain: Liz Kingsley

Upcoming Meetings/Events: The club starts up in late November and meets one night a week for one and a half hours through the Spring. It is a major time commitment as it gets closer to competition time and case law homework sometimes applies. Typically, the club meets on Tuesday nights to discuss the parameters of the case.

Click here for the NYS 2013 Case

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