Tech Club

Meetings: Tuesday and Fridays after school in room 308

Advisor - Chris Lewick

President - Brian Singer

To teach those who want to learn various technology- related skills.

The Tech Club is open to anyone who has a passion for technology. Anyone who wants to come in and learn from someone who enjoys teaching the subject. If there aren't any club members well-versed on the topic, they may be able to find another person also interested in learning the same topic, and may be able to work with that person.

To allow those who have technology related knowledge to solidify that knowledge by teaching it.

Teaching a topic can help the teacher to better understand the subject, and may offer them a new perspective on the topic. In the case of the Tech Club, teachers will be the members of the club, and won't necessarily be expected to know everything about what they're teaching, but will be encourage to share what the know.

To collaborate on medium to large scale projects of our choosing in order to improve our Skills.

Working together, members of the Tech Club can fine tune their skills by creating useful and/or interesting hardware or software projects. Members can show each other different ways to approach and solve a problem. Some potential projects include designing a website or creating a video game.

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